Planing Your Landscape

Stephen, thank you so much for submitting your question.  Most people give little thought to what their yard should be.  Stephen’s question is, “I have a town-home with a 10 x 20 backyard. What would you suggest for landscaping/improvements for the simple lawn that is there now.”

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Reader Lawn Question

Today’s question comes to us from Sitou.  He asks, “I live in Utah and we get a lot of snow.  If I didn’t feed the lawn before winter, what do i have to do for my lawn in the spring?

Great question Sitou!  Feeding your lawn can be tricky but it doesn’t need to be.  In the photo above you can see my cute son holding Easter his eggs.  You may notice the lawn he is standing on did not come out of winter so well.  If your lawn was healthy and you forgot to fertilize before winter it will likely still be fine and come up in the spring.  That being said, if you want the healthiest lawn on the block the fall feeding is the most important for your lawn.

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Garden Inspiration

It is always hard for me to sit in my house looking out at the snow while I wait for a warm day to go outside.  It is too cold to be out in the garden but that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning for next year.  I decided I needed to go looking for a little extra inspiration.

Last week I went to London’s Royal Botanic Gardens or the Kew as it is known there.   It is also winter in London right now but there was still a lot of beautiful sites to see.  I hope the photos I took will help give you inspiration. Read More

What should I do in my yard before it snows?

IMG_2707     Every October there comes a day that you walk outside and feel a change in the crisp air that reminds you winter is coming.  By months end the tree leaves will have changed through all their brilliant colors and  fallen to the ground.  The birds will migrate and the bugs will be finding a warm spot to hide for the winter.  Nature instinctively knows how to prepare for winter but do we? Read More

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